Apple’s 10th Anniversary Launch Event

Apple’s 10th Anniversary Launch Event

Whether you’ve made the decision to dive headfirst into the Apple ecosystem, or you’re happy watching from the sidelines with Android in hand, there is no doubting that the weeks leading into September bring with them an air of anticipation. This year perhaps more so as Apple geared up for its 10th-anniversary launch event.

Although there were a plethora of new products and toys being unveiled (you can find a summary here), we at The Distillery were perhaps most excited about the iOS 11 software update. Having already downloaded the beta testing version, we’ve had our heads down tinkering with the Augmented Reality Kit with some exciting projects now in the works.

If you have downloaded iOS 11 already, we recommend checking out ‘Made with ARKit‘ where you can try out some of the latest AR apps yourself!

Apple Launch Event


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