Facebook Removes Ability to Edit Link Previews

Facebook Removes Ability to Edit Link Previews

In an effort to crack down on fake news, Facebook has removed the ability for users to edit the auto-generated preview information of website links that are posted to the feed. In the past, a business could paste a link to a website and edit the autogenerated image, title and description straight from the post. This feature was being abused however with publishers presenting misleading information, click-baiting people into viewing their content.

With Facebook’s new restrictions imposed, marketers have been given another reason to ensure that their website’s metadata is up to scratch. It’s is worth considering that this ‘open graph’ information is not just used for links in the feed, but also when a link is shared through Facebook Messenger.

If you’re interested in finding out how your website currently looks in the feed, try out Facebook’s debugger tool.

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