Facebook Will Start Showing Your Ad History To Everyone

Facebook Will Start Showing Your Ad History To Everyone

In response to the criticisms Facebook received around the Russians using Facebook ads to interfere with the recent U.S federal elections, Facebook has announced an update that will allow everyone on Facebook to view all the ads that a page has run over the previous 4 year period.

The new update attempts to bring more transparency to Facebook advertising, starting with a trial in Canada in the coming weeks. The initial test will allow the public to:

  • Search a businesses ad database (only ‘active’ ads in the initial testing)
  • See details on total ad spend
  • See the number of impressions delivered
  • See demographic information (e.g. age, location, gender) about the audience that the ads reached

Whilst the new update will provide marketers with a new tool for auditing competitors and learning from their efforts, these insights do go both ways…



Facebook Ad Transparency


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