Google Unveils New Hardware

Google Unveils New Hardware

Hot on the heels of Apple’s iPhone launch event last month, Google held their own hardware event last week, where they announced a host of new Google gadgets.

The line-up featured:

  • The Google Pixel 2
  • Google Home Max smart speaker
  • Google Home Max smart speaker
  • Google Pixelbook computer
  • Google Pixel Buds wireless smart headphones
  • Google Daydream View vr headset

There’s an obvious trend here with Google’s CEO citing the company’s drive to shift ‘from a mobile first to an AI first world’. With Google Assistant at the heart of Google’s products (we recommend checking out Google Lens), this is certainly a channel that businesses want to keep an eye on.

If you’re interested in watching a replay of the event, you can find it here.

Google Hardware Event 2017


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