Quora’s New Ad Management Platform

Quora’s New Ad Management Platform

Following on from the unveiling of their ad platform in May of this year, Quora has now added the ability for advertisers to remarket to their own website visitors. The new targeting option works in a similar way to that of the Facebook pixel, where a snippet of code can be added to your website to allow you to later show these visitors ads on the Quora platform. The latest tool is a useful addition to the platforms existing targeting options which currently include demographic, location and topic/category targeting.

Although Quora hasn’t publically released website traffic statistics, popular web analysis tools have estimated the site to see close to 500 million visits per month (keeping in mind that this does not take into account mobile app traffic). It is estimated that 11 million views are coming from Australia. What Quora do offer via the new ad platform, however, are estimated impressions based on your targeting preferences, which can be a useful tool when contemplating the viability of the Quora as an advertising channel.

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