Split Testing Facebook Ads Just Got Easier

Split Testing Facebook Ads Just Got Easier

Although split testing ad creative has already been a possibility for Facebook’s native ad tools, the platform just added a new ad type that could save you a lot of time in your A/B testing endeavours.

Launched this month, ‘Dynamic Creative’ allows marketers to define multiple headlines, images (or videos), text, descriptions and CTA variations within a single ad. Whilst previously you would need to have manually created each variation as a new ad, now Facebook will mix and match each creative asset and show the most effective combination to your audience over time.

It is worth noting however that whilst you can see a breakdown of how each asset performs individually in the reports (ie. which image received the most clicks overall, which headline received the most clicks overall), you will not be able to see how each combination performed. With this in mind, the new Dynamic Creative ad type is perhaps a better tool for efficiently analysing how like-for-like assets compare to one another across a range of variations, as opposed to using it as a tool to observe whether any synergies exist between assets.



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