Amazon Alexa Takes on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Amazon Alexa Takes on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

In the wake of Apple’s 10th-anniversary launch event, you would be forgiven for missing Amazon’s recent press release where the company announced a number of new toys and tools coming to market.

In the press release Amazon unveiled an updated Echo device (named the ‘Echo Plus’), a touchscreen alternative to the Echo called the Echo Spot, a 4k enhancement to Fire TV (Amazon’s Apple TV alternative) and something that caught our eye, the announcement that Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa will be integrated into new BMW and selected Mini vehicles in 2018.

Whilst a similar deal was struck with between Amazon and car manufacturer Ford earlier this year, a BMW partnership puts Alexa firmly in the car assistant market alongside Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. With 60% of new cars coming off the production line with internet connectivity, the connected car is looking to be an integral part commuting and an area that businesses might want to keep an eye on.

BMW Pairs with Amazon Alexa


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