Email Campaigns – Collecting Feedback

Email Campaigns – Collecting Feedback

Many people over the years have said that email marketing’s days are numbered and that it will soon become a dated, perhaps even obsolete technology. But actually, this assumption couldn’t be more wrong. Email marketing still remains one of the most effective marketing channels with the highest return on investment.

Much like other marketing channels however, email campaigns do offer up their fair share of challenges. Surprisingly, many of these challenges revolve around a lack of understanding and engagement with the target audience. It seems that with many campaign emails, communications are only outbound, leaving marketers with no real insight into how their email was received by their readers. This lack of insight into the performance an email campaign is precisely why it’s important to start collecting email campaign feedback.

Read more about why email campaign feedback is important for marketers along with some tips / advice on how to collect email campaign feedback.



Email Marketing Collecting Feedback


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