Keeping Up with the Algorithms

Algorithms now dominate the social media marketing discussion – almost everywhere you engage, within almost every platform you use, machine learning and data sorting is used to decide what it is you see.

The evolution of social media algorithms has undoubtedly made things harder for social marketers. The development of algorithms follows much the same progression as the technical elements of SEO – in order to show searchers the most relevant responses to user queries, and weed out spammers, Google has had to constantly update its algorithm to stay one step ahead.

Now social platforms are in much the same position, which adds a more complex, technical element to the social marketing process.

So what do you need to know to ensure you’re on top of the latest social algorithm shifts, and how can you best prepare yourself, and understand the focus of each platform to maximise your performance?

Read more for an overview of the current state of each platform’s algorithm and how they differ.



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