Influencer Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Influencer Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

In just the last two or so years AI has slowly worked its way into influencer marketing in a big way. It wasn’t long ago when brands were forced to parse through lists of supposed influential people that built their following using bots, software and shenanigans to determine who was authentic and who wasn’t. Those days are now over.

Influencer identification will get smarter, a preferred level of scale will be achieved, and the impact and performance of campaigns will be even better.

AI influencer marketing uses artificial intelligence to sort through social media profiles to connect a brand with an influencer who seems like a good fit. It can also sort through millions of images, analysing each one in order to find specific objects or details in the photos. In some cases, the AI used in influencer marketing goes beyond simply identifying what’s in a picture. It can also analyse the amount of engagement a piece of content received, so that a brand can see what types of content perform best in a campaign.

Learn more about Influencer Solutions and AI and why solutions like these which empower marketers to choose the right influencers for their campaigns the first time out, alleviating the headaches of choosing false positives.



Influencer Marketing & AI


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