Moonshine Lab

This is where we mess around with ideas. For our clients, for ourselves, for anyone who believes in something enough to make us believe in it too. We don’t pretend to be a big venture capital firm, an incubator fund, or a low-rent co- working space on the wrong side of the tracks. But we do have a few people who have done the start-up thing before, and we know a million people who’ve had a great idea and never acted on it.

The Moonshine Lab is a place where we get to say ‘’what if?” “bullshit”, and “awesome” in one sentence, where we challenge convention and assumptions, and where we try and solve problems big or small. But it’s not all freelove and smiley faces – there’s a serious side to the lab too that can make all the different between an idea flying or falling flat.

It’s where we debate an idea to prove it’s worth. Where we help validate customers. Where we sketch up a UI and write agile stories. Where we define system architecture and a ‘minimum viable product’. Where we cut code and crunch data. Where we make it beautiful and make it work. Where we create some buzz and start pushing it out there. And after that, even if we can’t make guarantees, we can make introductions. Go on, pitch an idea to us. We know you’ve got one.


Punt Club

The lovechild of sports betting and social networking. Start a club, invite your mates, and bet together towards grouse sports travel destinations or racehorse ownership.



Our award winning 2014 Gov Hack entry. A mobile application that delivers realtime public transport and tourist information to the user based on their current location.