Distillery Offerings: What we can do for you – Audits

Distillery Offerings: What we can do for you – Audits

Often businesses only focus on their digital presence when embarking on an overhaul of their website, however given the rate of rapid technology changes, websites are unfortunately not a set and forget medium.

With website browsers, social mediums and search engine algorithms continuously evolving, user behaviour is in a constant state of flux. Business deliverables need to adjust accordingly resulting in the ongoing care and maintenance of your digital presence – both from a content and technology perspective.

Whilst this can be overwhelming, planning for periodic auditing and enhancements ensures you are maximising your website to its full potential, taking advantage of changing technology and allowing your site to potentially have a longer lifecycle.

What is involved in a website audit

The Distillery like to take an approach which not only includes tools to provide you with hard data, but also utilise our years of experience in both marketing and building effective websites to interpret this data into meaningful recommendations across both technology and content.

Once we have completed our review we will prepare a report with observations and any recommendations. No work continues without your approval, your input at every stage is imperative.

To organise a website audit, if you an existing client contact your account manager or just give The Distillery a call! We’re standing by!




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